Have you started using the GoLang for next Web Application Project?


Web developers’ big fuss is to decide the technology for a particular project. And there are so many options for making things done in programming. Multiple platforms and so many programming languages. In this wide spectrum of coding languages, every year some newbies do come in. Now that, quite a few will know that Golang is not that newbie.

However, it is not that “Go Programming language” is being in our trending lists for so many months or year.

Golang is developed by Google and has made inception in 2009 already. Now we can not deny the fact that its an old member of the programming community.

So have you started using Golang in your programming tactics? Or gave it a hit in your web application project?

The very first question hits in the developers’ mind is, why should I use Go lang? What’s the purpose of learning this and how it helps?

Answering all the questions, we’ve attempted a short elaboration here.

Let’s dig into this:

Enjoyed Google Drive? GoDoc is a new excitement!

As we know, Google drive is a super exciting doc formation to work in, sharing it and exploring. Now that, another super cool experience is in with the Go programming language.

As the documentation plays a key role in written communication everywhere. Golang has its own feature for documentation i.e., GoDoc. This helps in developing documentation pages for the betterment of the development phase of any web application project.

GoDoc will be easy to use and quite handy as developers wouldn’t require any external doc such as JSDoc, PHPDoc etc. It has a single documentation engine adopted by the entire community.

Wondrous Performance!

According to the report, Go has outperformed quite better in comparison to other languages including Python. Also, it is not surprising to know the fact that Go is leaving behind the Python version 2 and 3. Now that, you’re in search of wondrous performance in your next web application project, do hire GoLang Developer!

Web developers can not deny the fact that Go is super time savvy in terms of memory fetching and giving some rest to CPU. As the language processes the information pretty faster than the python threads. So saving the resources and reducing the fetch time is definitely inspiring with Go and on the go!

All In One Nature

It has basically combined everything in one place and has put in one place. It’s again, more of an advantageous thing. Yes, combining in terms of breaking the dependencies of modules and libraries.

In one single library, everything is packed and ready. One compiled binary will do the work without depending on the dependencies.

Go Does Not Need Web Frameworks

This language is more of a native nature and is supported by a set of tools that create a platform of its own. So the third party tools/frameworks are no of use and so becoming a pretty independent language of the era.

Now whenever dealing with the web API services with such complicated requirements, do remember GoLang without a doubt. Because it has everything that helps to build such services by default. Remember using the native languages which have built-in support for templating and remember GoLang Web Development.

Concluding the post, next time if you’re in the dilemma of web development framework or programming language, do refer GoLang Features.


Have you tried PUBG with your website yet? Let’s learn it!

images-22PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – millions of millennial netizens have already gone crazy about this crazy and damn creative game. Ain’t they? PUBG – the exciting abbreviation of the day. Everyone is mesmerized by this game and the affection is never-ending.

Well, when talking about the business, it comes to digital and so the website. Well, what does it mean by playing PUBG with a website? Is it any game integration with the website as well? Or maybe some tough configuration.

Actually, it’s not like that. It’s an abbreviation. Yes, an abbreviation that elaborates very important things on your website beautifully. So, would you like to get into that? Of course, you would.

Let’s dive into the main imperatives of your website.

And yes, they all rotate around the PUBG initials.

The actual meaning is,

Giving out a Progressive Web App Experience to your website.

Shaping a beautiful User Experience

Boosted Content

Google Search Console Integration

Being in the web and mobile app industry, we have elaborated our niche into the web application development by fragmenting the important components of it.

Progressive Web App Experience

Progressive Web App – a new form of web app experience. An experience that introduces users to the fastest and dynamic web view. You probably have used a website that tells you to add an icon to your home screen.

PWAs work and look as website appearance but what mainly they do is for users’ feasibility. A user can easily tap for the icon keeping on a home screen and need not download the app even. What a great thing? Isn’t it?

Plus, the main advantage is, people generally don’t like to wait for more than 3 seconds loading of a website. And the progressive web apps are highly impressive in page loading experience.

The integrated user experience of progressive web app makes it super special when it comes to native-like feeling. The web apps work super cool. Just like the native ones. Sending the push notifications and owning a device’s functionalities like the native apps gives another level of advancements to the users.

So making your simple web application a PWA one is indeed necessary especially when you are looking for the great target audience in your niche. Make your audience surprised by adding an extra P to your web. Isn’t it romantic? For web users and your favourite customers? It’s really engaging when a web app sends notifications and behave like an in-house mobile app.

User Experience

User experience – giving out a style, look and overall rating to your website. A user will not stick to the website until websites hold them back. In all the terms your website should look super impressive and that is it.

Because the moment the user enters into the website notices every aspect in a single gaze. Be it stock photography, ugly page loading or unusual flow of design.

Using stock photography on your website makes a very dull impression on the users. It shows how to personalize your website is being treated. And so your brand would be.

Giving out a great personalization to your website makes a very good impression to users. It is the very first experience of users while they enter into your website and that you can’t spoil.

Put in an attractive call to actions, useful differentiation of hyperlink, wisely using the white spaces, the bullet points and a lot more key essentials need to be taken care while designing a website.

It is not just the content that holds a user, but an amazing user experience does the work. Show the simplicity with grace on your website. A website is a visual medium between you and your next customer. They are meant to be scanned. Do not, ever, make it spoiled. Give UX a top-notch priority in the website development.

Boosted Content

Content is not a king. Content is a kingdom. You can do everything if you have boosted content. Everything can be sorted out with a strong pitch. Be it in a video format, a textual one or infographic. It tells a story, it drives your prospect and converts the prospects into a direct customer.

Use content that speaks. Content is the key to all barriers a customer are facing. You can unlock it all. But what you need is picking up the right key at the right time. Putting in a crisp content won’t work just. Putting and elaborating the right content in terms of prospect’s requirements matter.

Simply draw the attention of your target market by putting in the right requirements. Make your website a content rich. Do not lag behind your competitors’ smart move but calibrate your own image with unique content.

Google Search Console Integration

A website without Google Search Console Integration is something that you’re not telling Google to list your site and do not want to make Google understand a sitemap.

Yes, you will need a sitemap submitted to Google Search Console. Google will understand the site flow of your website and they will crawl the pages accordingly. That way, your website will get indexed over the search engine.

If you have a website development agency or digital marketing agency and you aren’t yet informed to get registered over Google search console, do it as soon as possible.

Because it detects everything from broken links to schema analyzing and sitemap generation. This tool takes care of indexed URLs, blocked resources, mobile usability issues, robot.txt and what not?

Yet there is so much to say about these four initials and imperatives for any website development, but concluding the blog here, anyone should not forget PUBG as their website essentials. Happy Website Building! Happy PUBG!

What is D2C? How a successful Business Strategy evolves through it?


Direct reaching to customers makes a huge sense to any business market. Rather than being busy in setting up the equations between customer and business owner, it is better reaching them out in a straight direct manner.

D2C mainly refers to all those businesses where the business owners need to reach and understand customers better and bigger. The more they would know about every single purchase, the more they will be close to the best customer approach.

Identifying the actual need

For most of the important business plannings, we get to know the tendency of lacking an actual need. Well, this must be visualized by the business owners before handing over the products or services to the customers.

Realizing well before entering the market makes more sense to the business and customers’ approach. Finding customers’ view on the product and relevant price matters because what customers look most in the products?

This emerges as the opportunity for the business owners. Business owners should use this strategy for making their customer closer to their business and appreciate the relevant product or service.

Simplifying the choice

This makes a huge difference in buying the experience of customers. Being simple is the best & by default choice of a human mind. Simplifying the buying experience would add an extra piece of likeness in customers’ mindset.

For example, as a customer, we are supposed to buy a product and it is too high in prices along with a complicated online shopping portal. What we would choose?

Obviously, buying from a local shop with some relief in prices? Well, this works a lot. Making your online shopping portal easy and trustable checkouts win customers’ hearts. And this is considered as one of the top reaching ways to the customers.

Content-first approach

Pick the best content marketer. Let bring them in your team and make a direct approach for great content. Content first as said. Start a blog. Optimize the target market online. Choose your own readers and drag them directly to your blog. Yes, you can do it.

Taking help of some web developers and developing a website would definitely work in this approach. Through the digital mediums such as websites, one can easily target the content and give it a content first approach. So starting a blog or a website would give meaning to put the right content at the right place and so provoking the people towards the product/service.

Let customers do the homework

Customers are the core business potentials. What customers can do for your business is not possible for your employees to achieve, why? Because it’s the customers that directly stays in contact with the ongoing market. And knows every single detail about the market closely.

As we know, social media platforms like Instagram, facebook, youtube, tik tok etc are full of viral pictures, videos, and gifs. From where this stuff is coming from? The viral content that every user makes is being viewed by millions of followers and people out there. And it can be, of course, in favor of your product/service, too. It is up to you how you take it to the customer? Direct to a customer way!

Hidden influencers

Influencers – the powerful marketing people. Companies need to pay a hefty amount of money to the influencers for 100 percent marketing efforts. The term micro influencers refer to customers. Yes, you heard it right.

Again, the customers will play a vital role in here. Limited budget and an immediate requirement is the most sought after thing for the micro influencers. Because it costs nothing but the extra efforts of in-depth marketing.

The micro influencers are basically the customers, prospects that customize the products in different ways. It can be a good entertaining aspect, viral contents or anything that is being presented indirectly to the people and by the people.

Here’s the list of Top Tech Trends to be Witnessed by 2019!



2019 is in its full wavelength and mood to cover us with mixed moments. And we can’t resist the change, air, and upcoming transformations. There will be both good and bad experiences, motivations, technology innovations and what not? In between this, we can’t forget to remember the tech trends that will encounter in the upcoming year of 2019.

As a prominent web & mobile app development company, we’d like to consider some important facts and trends that 2019 would encounter in the upcoming times. Let’s explore them together:

Quick access to the data

As we know, we can’t wait to access anything new. In fact, we can’t wait anymore that is truly required and generating curiosity. The data of any kind is the most important thing for the organizations.

To increase the customer’s experience, the relevant data and information provided are much important. The delay of required data in any situation and in today’s world is next to inviting troubles. In these sort of cases, providing quick access to data using the technologies will be proved as quite useful.

Also, these real-time data that is demanded by the customers are difficult to build and maintain. Considering mobile applications, there will be limitless results of satisfying the expectations. As the mobile application development of today are definitely worth applause.

Because the way mobile applications are being increased on the play stores with the help of emerging technologies is just beyond the limit. There will be a plethora of capabilities in this upcoming year and times of processing data, developing instant connections for quick deliveries, resolving complexities and more.

Fastest Computation

Computation is the another important parameter to gauge the performances. The advanced computations take places in the current situation, it seems that the infrastructure needs to be centralized and proved to be as the one data center.

Dealing with the complex computations and that too, with the core servers don’t make any sense. Because it causes a lot of loading strain and consumes a lot of time as well.

When it comes to powering an ever-growing number of IoT applications across every industry, edge computing will make the biggest impact on performance and reliability.

An infrastructure that can handle millions, if not billions, of devices and end users constantly emitting and consuming large streams of data is about to become table stakes.

The Multipurpose AR

Currently, we are just aware of AR app development with gaming conception in mind. We may not have experienced the augmented reality in every little things except the gaming part. Considering the upcoming year of 2019, augmented reality will be more into the use cases and providing real time value through the exchange of data and interpretation.

This will enhance the real time user experience of users and make it seamless and real. Also, the emerging trend of multiplayer gaming will be in trending talk of the year along with laser tag AR. yes, you heard it right.

AR will be more of entertainment purpose as well as dominant in all the industries. This will be proved as the most collaborative and high synchronised technology for all the quick task implementation purposes.

Communications Simplified!

Small businesses are finding every day solution with the digital marketing and efforts of search engine marketing. The chatbots were the main entity in communicating with the customers and direct prospects as well.

The chatbots will play a vital role in dealing with customer relationships. This will create a great exposure to customer and seller relationship and strengthen the exchanges between customer and seller.

Chatbots will be engaging with the prospects and understand them at great extent. Because what customers want is, the clear conceptuation about the product, timing, service operations and more. This will also be credible in terms of establishing value in the target market.

How Is AngularJs Decking Up Software Industry?


AngularJs – A heroic start to deck up a front end of any software system. Be it web or mobile. A front-end development is getting altered by a number of different technologies nowadays. We all have witnessed the quick advancements in modern front-end development. One after one. Everything’s so developing and never-ending.

Also, it is tough to judge one such framework or design pattern as the best or as the lacking one. Because every framework out there has some special elements to work with.

Without doing further ado on front-end technologies and other frameworks in web & mobile app industry, let’s explore the titled technology here i.e., AngularJS Framework.

AngularJs – Originally invented in the year of 2009 by two of the great employees of Google. All we know is AngularJs is being most preferable by the web developers since its inception.

Let’s Explore:  Why AngularJS Is Preferred The Most?


One Click Platform – Easy like Nothing!

In a single sentence, defining AngularJs from a developers’ perspective, it is the easiest. The framework has the best of breed rich features and with utmost capacity for optimized codes. Also, with no such use of directives, AngularJs becomes easiest for a group of people working on the same project. Hence, reduced codes and minimal line of codes is the new definition to recognize AngularJS.

The MVC Architecture

MVC is the heart of AngularJS. Yes, and it is just above the average. Impeccable and incomparable we can say.

As the name suggests, it splits into three main parts i.e., Model, View, and Controller.

Model: Model stands for a framework. Maintaining complete data, arranging the data types and provide a simpler view of how a framework’s arrangements remain.

View: It is used to display the data and presenting them in a specific sort of format. The action of view is followed by the controller trigger and maintaining the controller action.

Controller: For maintaining the interactions between model and view as well as responding to the inputs. Controllers are meant for receiving the input and validating them to conduct and perform the operations.

The Unique UI (User Interface)

User Interface is the most important thing a user would care for. Using some insights of HTML, AngularJS proceeds with the interface written in Javascript. HTML determines which controllers to use in AngularJS user interface implementation. The web development companies nowadays are using AngularJS to define unique user interfaces in web applications.

Heroic SPA

Single Page Applications are all new form of website applications. Single page applications are the most important ones for the small businesses, quick to view information and all such stuff.

Single Page Applications are considered in the contemporary website development.

Here AngularJs makes a special appearance with some distinct characteristics such as built-in validations of error handling. Creating custom validations in AngularJs also helps in showing the error messages.

Here AngularJs becomes one such necessary framework to handle SPA stuff better and always lucrative as compared with other frameworks and technologies available.

Great At Testing

Testing is the last but not the least phase of any web application development. With AngularJS, it is easy and smart enough to manipulate different parts of the application. Here it is easy to test because of the separate modules feature of AngularJS. The module wise separation of AngularJS framework makes it favored by all and easy breezy technology with lots of features and advancements.

Curious to Welcome 2019? Welcome with 2019’s Top UI Trends!


In between the highly raised competitions of mobile applications, let’s not be in depressions and bad review listers. Also, not to mention the fact that 60% of mobile apps never get downloaded. The accurate reasons behind this statistic can be many and of course, as a mobile app developer or as a company, we all should know the kind of base behind this absolute decline from the users.

Well, a mobile application development is a vast domain to discuss, think and analyze. It’s not that having some principles to follow and successful reviews/downloads would be waiting. It’s like reaching to that perfection level that every different user would love to use it.

Welcoming to the Year 2019, let’s overlook at some of mobile application development essentials and especially the one that approaches directly to the user and later gets converted into a review – the user interface. Let’s explore mobile app UI trends 2019.

Top User Interface Trends For 2019!

Defining Transparency

For every mobile application out there, we seek a direct communication with the user interface i.e., what we see directly and what we use to communicate with the app. Well, setting up the right opacity standards and adjusting color settings in keeping transparency would win a good opacity and transparency factor.

Because keeping things and coloring layers simple without the gauging the end user would not affect positively.

App developers should concentrate hard on setting opacity elements and getting best of breed user interface trend.

Vector Banner? A Complete No! – Digital Illustrations & unblemished UI

Gone are the days when UI designers used to play with and around vector banners. Keep creativity at the top-notch place and make it a heroic in-app interface. Showcase the creativity using digital tools and embellish the real illustrative nature of your art.

A mobile app should be decked up with creative UI and that’s when digital tools are given a right usage. Also, the trending UI should be not just the UI but playing around one click. Click and quick load. No more transitions and no loading times. Keep the user engaged, at the very first page; within a few seconds?

Playing with Fonts

Making a mobile application as crisp as amazon’s or Instagram’s UI is not possible. – Who says? Well, definitely not the easiest. Have you ever been to a cryptocurrency exchange app? There would be a mix of fonts in a favorable contrast matching. And that’s what makes you realize the different stats. Proper use of different colors and sizes of fonts make the UI look lucrative.

Flawless or frameless?

With the advent of change in mobile phone’s design and layout, why won’t the mobile app designers be adapting to the new trend? Developers have adopted round shape edges and no edge factors in defining mobile app layouts. As most of the phones come with the same perception, app developers also need to work on the same and in accordance with them.

Also, this adds a plus in looking at the app design at the very first instance.

Human-Like Interaction

Putting in the human-like interaction is great. Yes, even in the non-living apps. Because what attracts human is a human definitely. Using the characters like humans and representing the story is different and attractive indeed. Storytelling is the all-new concept with old perception in mind. And is now the new trending. Use it, people love it; insanely!

Employees & Organization: How Would You Organize The Internal Monitoring?


Who doesn’t want their employees to be on time and be regular on their stuff? Is CCTV able to fulfill the satisfaction of having honest employees? Maybe, no! Well, to keep up the top-notch performance of your employees, you must have hired the best in breed people. But what if you still in search of being best and finding ways to reach out your employees at every level?

Well, accountability of employees can be measured once they work in your organization and not at the time of interviewing them. And for that later assessing thing, you need some indeed RoboHelp.

Yes, here the robots won’t come and see whether your employees are working or not but definitely not the human as well. Now that we are in an era of Information and Technology and all we need is software to get things done.

We are an IT company and working in Web & Mobile App Industry as a leading IT company in India and we too, have need of this smarty (Software). What we conducted so far is, developed a software (an app or chrome extension). Yes, we adore developing customized software, web applications, and mobile apps.

What an advanced level of HRMS system can do if you integrate into your systems and at your office? Let’s explore here:

Talking about our system, basically, it’s a chrome app which keeps on working in and as background script. It seems an extension which extends browser functionality and features. Since the app we are talking about does not depend on the Chrome browser application so it ain’t an extension but the chrome app.

What is HRMS?

HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System. It mainly works for maintaining, monitoring and organizing resources in a meaningful way and by using modern ways. This is the simplest way to connect human resources with information and technology tools i.e., software.

Well, to manage the workplace as a certain good place and an indeed priority for all the employees, these software/applications work as the prime support system.

Which Technologies are enough to make this superpower system?

The idea of making HRMS system digital is performed by using simplest form technologies such as YII2 (PHP Framework), use of Chrome Background Script along with the MySQL Database.

As simple as it is but creative though.

What do these HRMS / HRIS (Human Resource Information System) Systems do?

Employee Login Time:

It is indeed an important thing to manage the timing of all the employees. Apart from the punch machine record, they should be monitored by their system, too. To notice the actual time of being in work, this tracking software would be a plus for any organization. So the HRMS software can be useful in marking the exact punch time of the employees by making it autostart when their system gets started.

Employee Engagement:

How do your employees work? Do they work continuously or stuck sometimes? Well, to notice all sort of stuff about your employees is easy with this system. The system can track how many times your employee gets idle? Even you can set the time for which you are allowing employees to be free. I.e., employees are not working for more than 5 minutes and the system will consider them as idle.

The automatic consideration of break time will be in the same pattern. Also, the system can show a total working time of each employee. Also, each employee can know his / her actual (real time) logged in in their dashboards.

Leave Management:

The system will manage the employee leave management. As the employees would have a certain number of leaves in a year and that so complicated in keeping in sheets or so. Well, when we have such an automatic system like advanced HRMS, it is easy to get automatic updates of employees leaves in their specific user profile and admins.

Knowledge Sharing:

This intelligent system has provision for knowledge sharing as well. The organization would have some knowledge sharing documents to discuss and share with. These all documentation/knowledge resources can be share in-between the organization’s staff. One can view the knowledge resource shared by the leaders or project managers from the system itself.

Chat / Internal Conversations:

The advanced HRMS systems are meant to have multiple features such as chat for making easy internal conversations. The employees can easily interact with each other using the application. The task allocation is being done by the senior team members and that’s when a team needs to communicate with them at any instance of time.

Well, there are many web development companies making their way to customized software development industry. If you’re the one searching safe side for your employee management, do feel free to approach us make such smart systems.