Employees & Organization: How Would You Organize The Internal Monitoring?


Who doesn’t want their employees to be on time and be regular on their stuff? Is CCTV able to fulfill the satisfaction of having honest employees? Maybe, no! Well, to keep up the top-notch performance of your employees, you must have hired the best in breed people. But what if you still in search of being best and finding ways to reach out your employees at every level?

Well, accountability of employees can be measured once they work in your organization and not at the time of interviewing them. And for that later assessing thing, you need some indeed RoboHelp.

Yes, here the robots won’t come and see whether your employees are working or not but definitely not the human as well. Now that we are in an era of Information and Technology and all we need is software to get things done.

We are an IT company and working in Web & Mobile App Industry as a leading IT company in India and we too, have need of this smarty (Software). What we conducted so far is, developed a software (an app or chrome extension). Yes, we adore developing customized software, web applications, and mobile apps.

What an advanced level of HRMS system can do if you integrate into your systems and at your office? Let’s explore here:

Talking about our system, basically, it’s a chrome app which keeps on working in and as background script. It seems an extension which extends browser functionality and features. Since the app we are talking about does not depend on the Chrome browser application so it ain’t an extension but the chrome app.

What is HRMS?

HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System. It mainly works for maintaining, monitoring and organizing resources in a meaningful way and by using modern ways. This is the simplest way to connect human resources with information and technology tools i.e., software.

Well, to manage the workplace as a certain good place and an indeed priority for all the employees, these software/applications work as the prime support system.

Which Technologies are enough to make this superpower system?

The idea of making HRMS system digital is performed by using simplest form technologies such as YII2 (PHP Framework), use of Chrome Background Script along with the MySQL Database.

As simple as it is but creative though.

What do these HRMS / HRIS (Human Resource Information System) Systems do?

Employee Login Time:

It is indeed an important thing to manage the timing of all the employees. Apart from the punch machine record, they should be monitored by their system, too. To notice the actual time of being in work, this tracking software would be a plus for any organization. So the HRMS software can be useful in marking the exact punch time of the employees by making it autostart when their system gets started.

Employee Engagement:

How do your employees work? Do they work continuously or stuck sometimes? Well, to notice all sort of stuff about your employees is easy with this system. The system can track how many times your employee gets idle? Even you can set the time for which you are allowing employees to be free. I.e., employees are not working for more than 5 minutes and the system will consider them as idle.

The automatic consideration of break time will be in the same pattern. Also, the system can show a total working time of each employee. Also, each employee can know his / her actual (real time) logged in in their dashboards.

Leave Management:

The system will manage the employee leave management. As the employees would have a certain number of leaves in a year and that so complicated in keeping in sheets or so. Well, when we have such an automatic system like advanced HRMS, it is easy to get automatic updates of employees leaves in their specific user profile and admins.

Knowledge Sharing:

This intelligent system has provision for knowledge sharing as well. The organization would have some knowledge sharing documents to discuss and share with. These all documentation/knowledge resources can be share in-between the organization’s staff. One can view the knowledge resource shared by the leaders or project managers from the system itself.

Chat / Internal Conversations:

The advanced HRMS systems are meant to have multiple features such as chat for making easy internal conversations. The employees can easily interact with each other using the application. The task allocation is being done by the senior team members and that’s when a team needs to communicate with them at any instance of time.

Well, there are many web development companies making their way to customized software development industry. If you’re the one searching safe side for your employee management, do feel free to approach us make such smart systems.


IOT Development Solutions: How IOT transforms Future Home Definitions?

IoTDevelopmentSolutionsInternet of Things – Connecting things like never before and never had discovered in the history of this planet. Imagine a house with all the connectivities in-built and configured so advanced. Nothing has to be done manually. The IoT Development Solutions has enough potentials to alter the world, the way we deal with things and communicate at homes and public places as well.


Be it lights, automated garage system, animated map and directions, home security or anything that leads with the internet of things. Currently, we all are relying on the things and people to get our tasks done at home.


Let’s have a look at how a future home can be with the Internet Of Things?




How IoT Development Solutions can alter the way we look at the daily routine?


Before digging into more about the smart home functionalities, it is important to note the requirements, the technical devices/instruments and further detailed information on how they work?  


Firstly, sorting out the list for making a house controlled on which segments and through what devices? Figuring out the rooms, devices, services make a perfect list of prerequisites entailing internet of things.


What internet of things keep connected and associated actually?


As we all know that there are multiple devices revealed by Google and Amazon about assisting people. For example, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Google Home Mini, Alexa and more.


Cook Good? Cook Smart!


Who doesn’t love smart cooking and kitchen as well? Who loves food to get ready within no time? There are plenty of smart gadgets coming on the way inclining with technologies such as Internet Of Things.


Overlooking the concepts of Internet Of Things, there will be no such mess with refrigerators or rice cookers. But the exciting hack is, we would get to work with smart devices and electronics like refrigerators. What can be the possibilities of IoT here? The IoT hubs such as Alexa and Google Home can be associated with the electronics and so the automated tasks are initiated.


These smart devices will be helping in estimating the cooking time well as well as reminding the right time to get things frozen at the right time. It will start and stop the heating or freezing activities at the right instances of time without manually keeping in mind.


So ultimately making the kitchens automated by using such technologies in place.


Also, there will be more scopes to given to implementing the wireless systems. Currently, there are no such implementations enough as wireless, but with the IoT technology, we can surely implement them using the barcode / QR code systems and other alterations.


Everything’s Doorstep!


With the revelations of giant tech companies meetups in the ongoing year 2018, the technocrats has announced at home deliveries to be operated by smart lock systems and to be maintained confidentiality and security concerns.


The Internet of Things can establish a system that directly scans the QR codes and also enables the security cameras for the smart deliveries. This can alter the situation we are facing in these days. Whenever we get late at the office and need to have food at home. What do we do? Either we need to get in while coming home or need to order after reaching home?


What if the technology allows us to order food and your automated home system will scan it, notify it to you, make it a smart payment and keep it safe & ready for you when you arrive?


Well, this all can happen with the IoT Development Solutions. In the current era, there are plenty of mobile apps and mobile app developers working on the same and implementing IoT modules.


So controlling the homes while being at remote places will no longer a dream but reality. Keen observations and strict eyes in and around the premises has already become necessary and will all be managed by the innovative IoT Development Solutions. If you are the one having a great mobile app idea, do not give a miss to implement an IoT feature within it. Good Luck!


Android Q: What are the expected features for the upcoming OS?

Many of us have enjoyed the Android 9 Pie. Google has kept updating the Android versions in the very short time spans. Yet many of us are yet to update Android 9 pie, Google has already started prepping up for Android’s brand new version called Android Q.

Well, being in the mobile app development industry, everyone has to keep up their knowledge base updated about the Android.

There are certain features that Android Developers are excited to try and also the users as well. We have tried to draft them here.

So What Are The Things That Excite Us About Android Q?

Multi-Resume Feature

This is another enhanced feature of Android’s current known feature as PIP. A picture in picture mode will be known as multi-resume and this can split the screens into more than one.

This multi-resume feature lets the new generation enjoy multitasking. It does not close the other screens while working stable on an app. The feature will let the apps split between the two or many and keep the youngsters happy with the multitasking.

So we can call this feature as the enhanced version of PIP.

Flexible Phone? Fkexible OS!

As we know, Samsung has introduced its brand new foldable devices in the market. As the pattern follows in every newer version of smartphones, Google has announced to give support to the foldable smartphone devices. So the first expected feature to be introduced with Android Q would be its compatibility with the foldable devices.

Also, the battery of the phone will be enhanced in terms of intelligence. Whenever the screen will be off, the battery will automatically be turned to power saving mode.

Why to use older version of Apps? 

We often forget to update our existing apps to its latest versions. This would be a brand new version of Android OS will keep reminding its android users for updating their Android Apps on time. Also, the system is capable of informing users while downloading the android apps from the play store. So the Android users will be knowing the current latest version of an app to be installed and will get to use the latest apps only from the play store.

Generic System Images

This enhanced support from Google will eventually help in generic system images to have the software updates on a prompt basis as compared to the current versions of operating systems.

Earlier Access to Android Q for Testing

Also, this latest version will be earlier available to the developers before it gets finally published. To make people adopted with the Android 10, there might be some beta version deployed to the developers in order to conduct the testing as well as earlier adoption.

Full-Stack Developer Vs Temporary Freelancer: Which One’s Better For IT Services?

Nowadays outsourcing of software and web development services has become a common thing. People are finding a cheap resource rather than employing the quality one. Whether it is about domestic or international clients for any region and of any categories such as business to business or business to customers.

Well, this choice makes a big difference in the software development industry.

Now that before we proceed into the understanding of choosing between the two:

Let’s grab some in-depth detail on Full-stack developer with all the formalities as an agency or let’s say a web development company and a temporary freelancer with limited resources and limited tenure of working.

What is Full-Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is the one who knows everything for a website. A full-stack developer knows front end as well as a back end of the website. How to build and configure them and making it customized for a perfect deliverable is full-stack developer’s responsibility. For example, in general, A developer having both the knowledge of front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript etc and sufficient knowledge of back-end technologies such as Java, ASP.NET, PHP etc.

So the B2B and B2C customers should look for such a talent that is high on learning, experience, and knowledge on every aspect of the website. We can consider a web development company having sufficient technology consultants and technology stacks as well. A software company can actually measure the difference between the right resources and the right planning strategies.

IT Services Development Phases:

The IT Services are of a wide range. As we all know, it starts from a simple web-based interface to highly automated applications. It can be a customized software, a website design and development, an Android or iOS app and whatnot? Especially the trending technologies integration such as internet of things, artificial intelligence and augmented & virtual realities applications.

So basically the B2B and B2C clientele are subjected to hire a company that can provide a complete resourceful environment. Hiring a temporary developer means a bit difficult task to communicate with. The temporary developers are subjected to alter their decisions with the continuation of projects.

The Communication Part:

The communication defines the guidelines and project scopes. If you are expecting someone to represent the project, it should be in a well-versed manner. The temporary developers tend to switch their jobs and may not continue with the freelancing contracts. In this regard, it is highly recommended to be inclined with a web development company that keeps their communication seamless and organized.

Why Does Hiring A Temporary Developer Prove To Be A Not So Right Decision?

Well, the technology is not limited by any extent. It keeps on updating and the resource must be a well-to-do people. Because a person alone can not decide all the perspectives and meet the quick requirements. For example, you have asked for building a mobile app based on Android. And it needs hundreds of things such as platform, customizing APIs, expert designers etc. Now that the single freelancer can not able to fix all the issues at a time. No matter he has all the things sorted out proactively and may be established such connections.

The better option is to get along with an in-house set of dedicated developers provided by a software IT company. There are many IT companies working on the same and have accomplished successful project deployments.

Search Engines Determine E-A-T. Do You Know What Is It?

Search Engines – Without which we can not even exist on this digital world of a website. Thanks to Google for prioritizing things and filtering the best results. However, websites are in a big race to higher their rank up. There are lots of competitors and businesses to make their first move.

Also, investors for optimizing their site as much as possible. And the one with no such investments or readiness to wait will be heading towards no progress on search engines like Google. Because what Google says and wants is the Quality Information. That is it. If you have it, displayed it correctly and up to the mark in your website’s technicalities, you are winning the SERP ranking.

So here the new terminology comes in as E-A-T. What does E-A-T mean in SEO? Are You Aware of it? Is it like Halloween’s Trick or offering a treat to its users?

Let’s check out here the details:


What search engines emphasize mostly is the quality. Here the expertise defines the content curator’s niche and skillset. What SEO mainly does is optimizing the content for some specifically defined standards of content.

The content writers and curators should be of proficient quality levels and showcasing the excellent quality of content. For example, it is a legal or medical website’s content and there is nothing to suit about; would go for a toss. Search engines all measure is about the truthfulness of the content irrespective of the length and websites to which it is published on.


It is observed that when it comes to content or writing something very professionally; everyone would come up saying “it’s their cup of tea” and the results! Guess what? Not everyone has the ability to portray the image of making readers visualize.

Showing an authenticity of the main content creators can be the winning factor for any website out there. Be it a community or forum discussion, the qualitative factors of the conversion metrics calls all the authorized identities.

So the search engines like Google do consider checking the authenticity of content as well as the author is associated with.


This is the most important aspect of any content curation and writing techniques. This is something that needs to be gained. How users on the internet would trust on the websites they are landing in? Probably not if it’s from not so high in rank. And are more likely to trust if it’s coming from the very first rankings or maybe the information snippet?

Well, to maintain the trustworthiness of your website, there must be some consistent behavior presented to the users. Also, proving the trustworthiness is next to the compulsion. Because every time you see on the internet is not about small business websites. But also the websites holding transactions details of people. Let say eCommerce. The eCommerce websites are the prime example that needs to maintain credibility that people never hesitate to share their banking details and credit/debit card credentials.

In this matter of concern, the first thing search engine observes is SSL certification. Whether your website is following security concerns or not. Also, the website is neat in all the aspects do matter to the search engines.

Here what matters is the importance of E-A-T.

Why does this E – A – T matters to the Search Engine, to the Google?

Firstly, it is a value. E-A-T factors are a credit to any website. In terms of content, in terms of design and user experiences and of course, in terms of performance and security concerns.

Landing on your website must be users’ first ever experiences that they remember and would like to revisit the websites again. Which will, again be considered as beneficial for the SEO perspectives.

So keeping EATing Habits in SEO Technicalities will win many things to you as compared to your competitors. All The Best!


Heading For iOS App Development? Here’s All About To Know!

SmartPhones have brought many trends and alterations in human life. We haven’t thought of such a drastic change in people’s everyday life with this invention. Be it Android or iOS. People have started taking their whole and sole interest in their phones. And this makes them constantly in contact with their own world of updates, news, gossips, and whatnot?

Well, in between these engaging platforms of smartphones, there are mere competitions between Android and iOS, too. And of course, as we all know, iOS is never lacking in creating incredible features and implementation in their apps and operating system as well. Talking about the iOS application development alone, there are some obvious tips to take in consideration for iOS App Developers.

Whenever iOS comes into mind, it has two major platforms. One on iPads and the another major is iPhones. People use both of them with enthusiasm. And people love what iOS developers put in their inventions.

Without a further ado, let’s dive into some tips for iOS app development and everything that you’ve not known before:

Planning iOS App:

Planning out an app development is the most important phase for any development task in programming. Before heading for the successful development, figuring out the details plays the vital role in defining the essentials of the iOS app. A proper planning makes an application worth accepting at the app store.

Once, you are set with the planning, do set some goals. Set the parameters you want to achieve in each milestone and phases. The iOS developers should go through the Apple users and their expectation for high performance.

Simple Design

Simple mobile app designs are the most sought-after ones. Especially for the beginner, iOS developers should look into the simple design with great functionality features. Maintaining the uniqueness with simple user interface would also add a plus in iOS apps. But what advised most is keeping high performance with simple looking UI.

Coding Standards

Coding standards in iOS Application Development are essential. Not because it looks decent in code but iOS App Store would not appreciate unorganised code. Make your coding standards up to the mark. Engage in the programming languages that work smartly with iOS platforms. Such as programming with Swift language. Get in the experienced iOS Developers having niche in conducting research and employing right code bases. This will make your app decent. Get your live status out from the app store with experienced developers and their expert strategies rather being interacted with beginners.

For example, using Swift programming language would be more appreciated in the modern iOS and iPad development instead of employing conventional technologies in place. Also, there is a Mac program called as Xcode which is highly emphasized by the app development companies.

Add features to increase user interaction

The users are more likely to incline towards the things that attract them the most. Especially in a way more professional manner. The user interaction can be increased by adding a number of features which are valuable. A good app developer should be knowing the pros and cons of using the technologies stack as well as employing resources in place of required resource allocation. These all things should be managed by a good and classic project manager in mobile app development companies.

Compatibility with all iOS version

Compatibility is the vital parameter for any mobile or desktop platform out there. The iOS apps which are compatible in nature with all the iOS versions would be appreciated by users. And users won’t need any regret to leave behind. For the users using the newest one and older versions; all would have a satisfactory experience for your iOS mobile app. Make it compatible, rich in UI and epitomise the performance; of course.

How Is Your Mobile App Design? Is it worth appreciating?

Mobile App Design – Vital and vivacious to the world. A mobile app can’t be perfect without a decent design. In a market, there are thousands and hundreds of mobile apps. All the apps do not perform well at the app stores. The mobile apps failure or success is wholly dependant on the end users. How users pick their choices and go for the decision to land their final choice.
A mobile application design should be in accordance with the users market. The viewers of the mobile app tend to finalize their approach mostly from a mobile app design. A design can be simple and decent but attractive though. We can’t leave them incomplete and just confusing. Because after all, what matters is, users, stay on your app. And that simply can be maintained by a flawless design coupled with a great performance.
Being in the place where we used to discuss and analyze the mobile app features and market for our product and services improvement, we’d like to comment/ discuss on some of the design perspectives for a mobile application.
We at our mobile app development company, work with many designers in-house and even freelancing, but what makes us sound interesting is our niche for professional graphic and UI designs. We do train our people to get the best out of the user interfaces for a mobile app. So without doing further ado, we’ve mentioned some of the mobile app design trends or you can call it deciding factors for whether a mobile app design is worth appreciating or not.

Understanding the Targeted Market

When you are designing for a mobile app whose target market is segmented into some age groups, you need to be more focused on what can be optimized as per the market. Designing the screens as per user mindset would win many likes. The users can be segmented into many age groups such as youngsters, aged people, and adults.
It can be different views from each age group as well as their interest in the app. Also, the app design can be categorized as per the purpose of a mobile app. The complete analysis of a mobile app design can be performed once the user market and purpose is well defined.

Functional Animation

An animation gives mobile app interface a different look and feel. The requirement of functional animation emerges for making users feel a real impact of app user interface. For example, if a user clicks on some feature or generates an event, it would be truly making a sense of clicking an element. This would be more interesting and giving a live experience of having an app. Animations are the prime part of any mobile application. Keeping the apps at the next level and always high on embarking the extraordinary image.

Writing a code? Why not for all?

 This would be the challenging factor in designing a mobile app page. Designing a single page for an app is not an easy task. But would be definitely worth making if you are expert at writing code for all platforms with a single codebase. Yes, this is all about your design’s portability. Adjusting the sizes and usage patterns as per the different designs and layouts of devices would be more appreciative.
A developer should be switching between the platforms for analyzing the design ideas for an app. The platforms can be iPhone or an android. Switching between multiple platforms give an enhanced idea of improving on things. It would also make easy for the design edits where just minor changes make the same design for completely different platforms.

 User Interface and User Experience
User interface and user experience are the two main aspects of any mobile app to be considered. A user has directly interacted with the app interface and what he experiences become the user experience.
A developer can control both UI and UX with a great sense of creativity. Does it need to be taken care that how an app should feel like when a user interacts? The easier the user interface would be, the number of users tends to approach. For example, the Android Operating System. Google has made Android in a way more simplistic manner that everyone interacts and would like to.
Keeping the user preferences in mind while developing app features, makes an app just flawless in performance. Making UX in a way that introduces more simplicity rather than the complex features, emerges out as the best app to deal with for end users.
So for the next time whenever you look at your mobile app design, do check for the imperatives listed above. There are yet many, but these are the ones that shouldn’t be missed out.