Top 5 Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Cross-platform mobile app development – one of the most sought-after terms in the mobile app industry. Everyone likes to code and customize the mobile app. But keeping the same time and definitely the same code. Yes, write once and run everywhere is becoming not just the trend but the demand indeed and in need of today’s world.

The cross-platform mobile apps are the all-new form of mobility. Technology means there should not be the barriers resisting the mobility and power of making codes flexible as much as possible.

Here are the top five imperative tools to consider for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development:


Xamarin is the most called platform for native mobile applications. The latest and advanced. Mainly used for easy access of data and building apps for almost every mobile platform such as iOS, Android and Windows.

Xamarin uses C# as the base language. The one who enjoys coding with C sharp, can surely mingle up with this platform as a developer. Also, the Swift language is fine to use with this platform for programming for cross platform apps.

The platform allows to use integrated development environment and APIs directly into the Xamarin Studio. The mobile apps built with this platform are highly seamless and device friendly for many different devices. So we can consider Xamarin as playing the most vital role in defining the cross platform apps.


Phonegap is one of the open source platform and its completely free for developing cross platform apps. It builds a single app that works with several platforms and easy to handle the programming part. Because of its library functions and easy integration with the existing code, the platform stays at the number 1 for developers’ choice at the beginner level. It is easy and smart.

The tool uses a plugin architecture and extending the functionalities. The programmers with beginner level of knowledge on programming languages like Java, can approach this platform. Because the platform mainly needs HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge building the apps over it. Rest are the inbuilt functionalities nicely incorporated with the platform. This adobe acquired platform is highly influenced by the in-built software kit and does not need any native software kit to deal with. So even the non-iOS users can try their hands at development.

The AppBuilder:

The AppBuilder is mainly used for the in-house projects. For fulfilling the bring your own device need, the platform provides great compatibility with the projects that deal with the employees and events as well as other in-house activities. The platform allows to build custom apps with different structure and hence easy to go in the shortest time span.


Another open source platform for cross-platform apps. Creating high quality standard apps accepted by largest community of developers. The platform builds interfaces that optimize the length of the code and hence making the app development process easier. The platform is easy to use in reloading as well as updating the app view. For reloading the features, the platform is quite independent for Android and iOS both. Also, Flutter is rich in its layouts and widget configuration. is one of the leading cloud based software for building the Android and iOS applications. The platform is used for visual graphic editing and building the user interface. The platform is quite handy in terms of user friendliness as it does not need to download or install from anywhere. In Fact the platform is all about drag and drop and making the UI as much as better you can. The tool is consisting of many attractive templates and support systems integrated to make the backend perfect for app development.


How Much Does It Cost To Develop An On-Demand Food Delivery App?

On-demand Food Delivery app is not a new buzzword now. We all use and we do adore it. That is why most of the business has jumped into the on-demand app development industry. Everyone would love to have on-demand services these days. And the information and technology industry has proved it to become fair with making things automated, rapid and a click away.

An on-demand food delivery app is itself a vast term. Having multiple modules and elements. Being in the mobile app development industry, we would like to share some important insights on this topic.

What is on-demand food delivery app? What does it contain?

An on-demand food delivery app is a way of reaching out customers looking for an instant food delivery. Despite the fact that customers need to visit the restaurants for food. The app connects a customer and a restaurant with menus displayed online and a quick delivery service.

An on-demand food delivery app contains three modules mainly.

A customer module
A restaurant module
Delivery module

These modules are mainly based on the requirement of an app development project. We can limit the features set and even increase customers’ comfort by providing the required help.

We have come across on-demand app projects demanding a handsome amount of revenue and brand awareness. The projects with better value involved in serving the customers, get more credibility and of course, have to build with more features set and functionalities.

Looking at on-demand food delivery app modules, we can consider an in-depth view of programming as well as analysis needed.

Mainly there are three factors you should focus on:

Your Mobile App Development Company – How supportive and in-depth in the knowledge it is?

Your First Target Restaurants? – Are You Done with the Convinced Clients?

Your End Users – The customers

Most of the mobile app development companies with a good portfolio and credibility have already researched the data and how the system works. But many don’t. Your mobile app developers should have cleared the features for each panel. Be it a customer panel, delivery or restaurant module.

If it is a restaurant module, then it must have an option to cancel the orders and a proper GPS synchronization with the delivery boys. Also, the restaurant menus should be properly displayed along with an exclusive look an feel at the very first home page. The restaurant panel would be the one communicating with the rest. The control for accepting or rejecting the orders should be in the restaurant owner or concerned person of a restaurant.

Whereas in delivery boy module would be higher depending on the location functionalities. The delivery boy should be chosen based on the location of a customer and him. The app should not be mismatching the orders between the farther locations between the delivery boy and the customers. The very accurate real-time location tracking should be there to avoid the misconceptions and bad credibility of an app.

The most important module of an on-demand app is the customer panel. This should not leave any stones unturned for the prospects. This module should be showing the available restaurants with their popular dishes and detailed menus. The customer panel should also be containing the reviews of other customers for any particular restaurant to avoid bad customer experience.

Technology Stack & Budget explanation for Food Delivery Apps:

What sort of technologies are required mainly for on-demand apps?

Payment Gateway Integration – third party integration like Paypal, stripe etc.
Hosting Servers – AWS, Google etc
Registration process through social media accounts or direct
Storage allocation
GPS Tracking – Google API for Android or core location for iOS
Tools for analytics & customer insights
Real-time direction tracking

Android and iOS developers would suggest the required technologies as required by the project and it could be many than the listed ones.

Also, the resources required by the app development company you hire are many. The whole app development team would require a number of resources to accomplish the app development task at the great extent and on time.

The design team should be very creative and performing best at creating designs that convince prospects to make an order. It is the marketing that starts from scratch. The design team would have professional graphic designers and UI/UX designers.

The mobile app developers – Android developers & iOS Developers

Project managers & Quality analysts and Testers

Beta testing is much required in these sort of apps

Delivery managers and Team leaders

The mobile app industry is running well across the world these days. But what matters is the budget to every client out there. The Indian app developers are providing the app development service at much lower rates and that too with the flawless performance. Because India comes at the first place in providing IT services and there are many IT service providers excellent at their job.

Cost of on Demand App Development in India:

Indian Mobile App Developers Rate for On-Demand Applications Per Hour is $12 to $75 per hour

American Mobile App Developers Rate for On-Demand Applications Per Hour is $50 to $280 per hour

There are different rates based on the country and its industry niche for IT development company. It depends on the project requirements, too. Choose your best app developer by analyzing the companies and its resources along with the previous work record. On-demand app development is the trending trade to adopt and one should not miss investing in the right places. All the Best!

Why Is Android App Development Still Winning The Grounds?

Mobile App Development – one of the most called terms in this era. We can’t deny the fact that we love being automated, be told and mesmerized by the super intelligent programs installed on our smart device. Be it our smartphone, a game installed in it or maybe the challenge of running in over the social media platforms. We can’t imagine living without the smart systems involved in our daily life.

Android has altered the complexities into the excitements. Bringing innovative updates almost every day. Well, Android is thousand times chosen over the rest of the technologies and platforms because of the pros it has. Well, considering Android as the most collaborative platform, it has some really demanding things and features through which the developers’ community prefer over the other platforms like Windows and iOS.

Well, being a prominent mobile app development company in India, we would like to share the knowledge and initiate the discussions over different mobile app development platforms. And we have found that Android has all the answers that businesses generally find in the digitally well-equipped platforms. To look for more, here is the quick insight for the Android operating system for our smart devices and smartphones.

Why should you prefer Android Over The Other Platforms?

Android has captured the attention by all means in the world. The mobile operating system stands more for the simplicity and handled smartly. Preferring the Android platform reaches not just number of people but also update our preferences for the life.

Android has introduced everything to the digital world. We would not be talking to Ok Google or Alexa without Android. Because it has made us practiced and believe in robots or automated things like guiding in an unknown path through the Google maps.

It is accepted that there are many platforms in the competition as compared to Android but what keeps Android in the news is its simplicity for people. Thanks to Google for making it so friendlier than ever and that too, with this much of largest developers community and so the increase in leading android app development companies.

Here are some imperatives that make Android Winning the grounds all the way in the race of technologies and smartphones.

Open source:

One of the most called operating system for the mobile phones that remain open source. This open source nature of Android is always sought after for the developers’ community. The manufacturers of a mobile phone are doing definitely great with the Android feature lists because of the open source. Hence, Android is and will be winning the grounds and favored by the technocrats.


Android uses core Java programming language. And hence there is no room for any portability issues. Portability can be acquired in Android at very normal terms. Java programming language is portable enough to keep the compatibility with other operating systems like Blackberry, Ubuntu and other. Apart from that, the Android apps are also capable of being ported with Chrome operating system which is mandatory to keep synchronization with personal computers.

The use of Java Programming Language for Android app development makes it easy for native Android apps to be ported to other mobile operating systems such as Blackberry, Ubuntu, and Symbian. Aside from this, Android apps can easily be ported to Chrome OS. In fact, Microsoft has announced that it will create an easy method for Android apps to port to Windows 10 devices.

Easily accessed:

Android is the platform for all. Android apps are largely accepted and hence accessed easily by all the age groups. Easy to develop for the programmers and thus having the largest developers’ community. The Android SDK plays a vital role here as it comes with a “free” tag as compared to other platforms. So most of the mobile apps on the play store are easily built and not tough for the clients to look for the Android App Development company as well.

Huge marketplace:

Since the Google is running the Android, there is obviously a huge marketplace for it. No barrier for mobile phones as well as their companies and users to accept the operating system. Because it is designed in such a way that everyone can use. So the number of users will have no barrier. So the mobile app development companies will be targeting Android apps more. As we can see the play store is getting an immense number of apps to be uploaded yearly. Hence, among the users, Android is winning their choice and of course, lead the favorite place in mobile apps and mobile operating systems.


Apart from the mobility and huge marketplace, Android is undoubtedly flexible. The Android apps have no bar for installing sources. It can be installed from anywhere i.e., even the internal transfer using Xender or a direct download is easy. For testing and using on multiple devices, Android has undoubtedly marked the perfection.

Planning a mobile app? Have You Looked at the best mobile app areas?

Planning a mobile app is a norm these days. With a pretty good budget and a bit amazing idea is enough to push for mobile app development companies. But just an amazing idea and budget are enough to hit a global market?
We serve several app development projects from different areas, diverse industries, individual and with so many complex features to built-in across the globe. On the top of that, what remains is a mobile app success over the audience. And that’s whole a matter of interest.
So here what we are trying to bring in some areas where you can plan to build your mobile app. Some of those which are highly in demand and can make most out of the mobile app ideas.
Here are the effective sectors in which you should start looking for mobile app planning & development:
You must be surrounding of the questions while planning a mobile app or having idealizing the fact that investing in mobile app development is worth.
Your questions can be:
Which industry should I target in a mobile app?
Where the most users are focussed on?
Which industry has a long-term beneficial market for mobile app development?
And more…
Well, to answer these most of the questions, we do have a vision and proven insights through which we can help future prospects of mobile app and the one who is already in the market.

Which industry should I target in a mobile app?

Well, it depends on the size of the target market. first off, it’s important to look for the available industries and going through their demographics of the market. Followed by the technical and mobile app consultant guidance. In general, considering the current market trends and user demographics, hospitality management & Social media networking are at the peak of the market.

Where the most users are focussed on?

Users are most likely to engage with mobile apps which keep them interested all the day. Such as Instagram. Keeping uses updated in the field or people they are interested in is most likely to be rewarded.

Which industry has a long-term beneficial market for mobile app development?

Looking at the current scenario, targeting on-demand apps with some real beneficial approach can have a long-term benefit. Such as UBER. however, making the mobile app development project ideas as robust as UBER is a challenge.

Here you can find some insights on effective areas of mobile app development:

Which are the top industries to look for mobile app development?

Finance & Stock market

Finance and stock market is one of the potential industries to be inclined with technology. Especially when it comes to providing the best secure connections to the people and integrating technology in between the transactions. People mostly like the quick service and a transparent behavior from the financial firms as well as stock market. So it can be helpful to those who are constantly in search of such resources which can help them.
So developing a mobile app that can really aid with finance and providing updates and advice on the stock market would be appreciated. The target market for this sector is indeed a winning one. Also, the target market will be adopting the technologies and such advances quickly.

On-demand mobile app

As we already know the craze behind the on-demand mobile applications such as UBER, UBEREats, Zomato etc. The on-demand applications are mostly service based and the users are most likely to use it. As the people nowadays are busy and quite occupied with their own stuff and job schedules. In that scenario, thinking about a mobile app that serves their on-demand needs would be winning the market.

Hospitality & Restaurant

There are mobile app development companies having a rich portfolio in hospitality and restaurant apps. You can approach them for a detailed market research and project scope. As these markets are highly in demand. Each restaurant need a mobile app that integrates with their customers and asks for orders, conveys the orders to the kitchen with no flaws, greet your customers, book a table and whatnot? You can put as much as features as you want. And there will be a queue to have that restaurant or hotel app. Isn’t cool?

Service-based App

Any service based app that serves users the best will be welcomed in the market. Service-based apps are made for everyday tasks. The tasks which are monotonous or maybe boring and time-consuming for people. You either provide an online way to do that task using your app or you can simply put manpower over there. Such mobile apps are in demand in demand because of the packed scheduled of people.
Here TaskRabbit is the most appropriate example. Where you can have taskers to accomplish the tasks which may seem tough to you.

Freelancing Mobile App

Freelancing – one of the most running business without sitting in an office for 8 hours, getting ready for the office, obeying to the boss and more. Yes, you can run your business if you have skills. That it is. There are several freelancing business applications allowing people to put their profile and get the work.
So you can simply have a better business idea by allowing lists of people who want to work and those who have a bunch of work to get completed. Have an idea, have an app! Choose the wisest mobile app development company. Propose your idea and have a quote, time duration, and a meet up with mobile app development team.
The above listed mobile app sectors are great to look at. Each one has great in-app features to put in and have a successful monetization. Also there are great technologies and frameworks to support this digital trends. Your app can be launched on iOS, Android, Windows or maybe all. What needs to be taken care of is a proper set of mobile app developers, chosen technology and time management. All the Best!

Mobile App Development Company – Are You Attending the Best One?

Mobile Technology – isn’t the buzzword of a digital era but the transformative implementation of technologies. Yeah, we can not deny the fact that we need mobile apps for no reason and for every good reason. Having financial business firm or hospitality management or a better clinic aid.

Well, as the trades are relying on the mobile apps for their direct marketing as well as for conducting the business, there would be a direct need of mobile app developers. And so the increasing demand of resourceful mobile app development companies.

The mobile app development company which is having a niche for developing a mobile app is not it but leveraging and connecting the business opportunities is important. Being in the prominent platform of information and technology business, we would like to share some of our knowledge and experiences on how could be a mobile app development company you are outsourcing to? Or is it worth being accompanied by the IT service provider you are with?

You can obviously explore these questions here.

Expertise? Diverse & in-depth

Obviously, you are meeting at the pool of software developers so there is no chance of lacking technology. But what interests more is it’s in-depth knowledge of single technology as much as possible. You would be surrounded by the questions that making more sense to the different technologies and how to know whether a person or agency speaking right about their niche or making a boast.

Well, while giving software project i.e., a mobile app to be developed in other hands whom you even don’t know in person, you should be having knowledge of technologies stack at least. That is to gain or have an overlook on the trending technologies and which one works better for you requirement of developing a mobile app.

This can surely save you from the fake technocrats boasting about their niche in totally not required thing for your project and obviously some of your thousand bucks! Knowing more on programming languages or just surfing the Google trends would be sufficient to jump into the large pool of technologies stack.

Creativity at the core of designs

We can not find creativity at its core all the time in anything we look for to buy or get serviced. Being creative is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well, most of the mobile apps in the app stores are not making any specialty in representing the creativity. Yeah, they do have some unique functionalities and features. But what if the thing is about being creative all the time and with every single purpose? No, not all the developers are aiming that.

So before you land up your final choice on appointing a resourceful team of mobile app developers, do check out the wireframes they make or maybe the graphic design portfolio?

Not Solo but the team!

Hiring a dedicated developer for specific hours of work to make sense. But what if we want to develop a mobile app that stands as the main business stream for any entrepreneur, there must be a great team of technical professionals. The mobile app developers team may include analysts, senior developers, specific language programmers, UI/UX designers, graphic designers and more.

So finding a mobile app development team would be worth considering while planning to hire mobile app resources.

Engagement makes apps booming!

Yes, that so absolute! The users would like to leave the page if it’s not interesting. Whether it is a mobile app or a website. In Fact, the mobile apps would have more chances to get uninstalled at the very first attempt. So finding the developers having a niche in developing engagement enough through the mobile app experience is a must.

Rich at their Showcase

This simply looking at the portfolio of a mobile app development company you are hiring. Yes, why should anyone go for experimenting on their own? Choose the people with an extraordinary and creative list of the portfolio. Finding a company with a beautiful list of the portfolio is worth hiring then trusting the one with no more points at portfolio!

ReactJS App Development: Top Reasons to choose ReactJS!

As we know, Java is one of the most robust languages among all. Can be integrated with any of the languages and forming a splendid framework to work with. React JS is one of the scripts of Java providing a number of add-on features and added functions to deal with. The React.JS Development Services are popular nowadays in the IT sector. Today we would discuss the same in detail here. How React JS plays an important role in developing mobile apps? And what are the useful tips for inclining with React JS?

Firstly, it is important to know what React JS is all about?

Well, React is known as the Javascript Library. The script is used for user interface development mainly. It is declarative and flexible javascript library for better user interfaces for a different set of the targeted user base. React Js is better at composing the complex user interfaces for different dimensions. Whether making small or coupling with large screens. This JavaScript library comes first when it comes to creating vibrant user interfaces and classic mobile app appearances.

Top Reasons For Mobile App Development Using React JS

React JS goes easily with writing components

This parameter of the React JS directly concerns with the first display to which users are getting interacted with. With the advent of Facebook allowance on accepting the javascript and HTML as JSX and need not writing separate components codebase. So the React JS becomes richer and easy to display the rich content. There will be no complexities generated in terms of following strict guidelines for building custom components and easy to go with the React JS.

Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM – Virtual represents the mobile app user interface in a more appealing manner. For the fastest updates and clear conception about whatever the changes are being made by the developer, it is important to sync everything. Virtual DOM prefers things syncing in between the later and current updates of the app development phases. It has multiple formats such as HTML, XHTML or can be in XML. The virtual DOM speeds up the process of updating.

Time Savvy

You can always be free with the development hacks when you are using React JS as your programming script. Because it has a plethora of hacks that save the time by reusing the components. ReactJS supports reusing of most of the components you have made. So there is no need for developers to write the same code again and again. If you are looking for such an amazing platform for your next big project on mobile app, do hire ReactJs App Developer from one of prominent mobile app development companies.

Good Open Source Library

React JS has a good set of libraries providing different types of templates, patterns, and various architecture. The script is a completely open source to deal with the custom-made templates and patterns. The mobile app developers should start using the customization templating and make efforts to be more exclusive with React JS.


ReactJS performs as the best in market technology for amazing advancements in mobile apps. Most of the mobile app development companies today, are relying on ReactJS to make smart user interfaces and give a splendid touch to the end users. Enterprises striving for engaging there big target audiences should consider hiring react js development company capable enough to draft a user interface that leads the market by engaging huge customer base.

Is Your Mobile App Development Company meeting the quality service?

Mobile App Development – Obviously a daunting task for the people not delving with programming. It’s rare when you choose a business not inclining with the current trends and technologies. Today is the time where mobile apps become the prime focus to choose for business marketing, engagement and customer satisfaction.

Industries residing worldwide looking to hire Android app developers and iOS developers who make them understand the process, flow and how it works with a mobile app that leads to a good business. Well, everything that glitters is not gold – we know the old saying. In this case, everything that you come up with search results for mobile applications is not your choice or not the one you are looking for.

Coming to the focus point, it is never rosy to work with the remote app development team. It seeks a strong two-way communication, cooperation and a mobile app development team that stands as the prime solution for every problem arise even after the app development phase ends and it gets a number of downloads.

Let’s have a quick glimpse on How should be your mobile app development company?

Whether you’ve got it or need to Google again?

Accepting the projects? How many are accomplished?

Well, there are many information and technology companies out there. Providing a different set of services with different technologies. It is good to find a company providing services on the exact match you are looking for.

Consider a company having portfolio and niche for web development and on the latest frameworks of open source technologies. But what if you are looking for a neat, classy mobile app based on Android? We understand the company would like to take interest in knowing the project requirement.

But you as a prospect asked some must-have? Like whether they have developed an android app before or having a massive portfolio on it? And if yes, ask for the valid marks saying they are developers for the app. Because without the respective experience of mobile app development in Android, how can we expect them to be on top?

Are the touchpoints making sense?

Well, it is said that there is nothing misleading than the communication gaps or misunderstanding created with the lack of communication. Whether it is a matter of business deal, accomplishing the projects or dealing with the relatives. You need to be clear and concise in whatever manner you are in. Because nothing is clearer than the words you convey in a more specific manner.

For example, You have a mobile app development company with the technical resources and not even considering proper communication to be a part of quality management. This will not be considered as satisfied experience from the client side. Because what the clients want is something that conveyed to them word to word. And this is necessary because clients should be taken as a blank canvas and you need to draw a line there.

The developers can’t expect everyone as a trained persona. As they aren’t so you are abided to train them. So whenever you look for the android app developers or iOS app developers, do check for the communication part.

Whether they are able to make it up to the mark? Or lagging behind conveying the technical things? There should be a good number of touch points such as business development managers, business analysts and project managers conveying the exact details you are looking for.

Agile Methodology

Agile methodology is one of the modern techniques that should be used. The companies following conventional models such as waterfall are not worth. Agile/Scrum methodology allows the more enhanced idea of the product or future requirements. This is one of the most used technology because we can see the overall product with the phases developed. It has a more futuristic idea of a product to be developed rather than the outdated waterfall model.

Maintenance and Support

It happens after a lot of testing phases and beta testing when the app gets uploaded finally and with the dozens of downloads; the results make us sad with the sudden crash. Well, to avoid such things or have a quick resolution, you can’t sit back. For that, finding a mobile app developer with at least 1 year of maintenance and support of a mobile app would be great. So that whenever the issues arise, the developers can fix it with no more time delay.

Latest at everything?

There is no lacking of mobile app development companies in the market. And of course, the mobile app frameworks are many. But when you choose the final mobile app development company or a dedicated team of app developers, do double check they have a niche for the same. And don’t forget to check where the latest things are going up? Because there is no wonder people with no app programming background would come up saying “experienced”. So make sure, your hired company is using the things that are running in the market as a trending and having some safe side for future.


So wrapping up the story, we can conclude that double checking the things with the people you hire is a must in this cutting-edge competition of mobile application development. Always choose the app development firm that is latest at their very latest past works.